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About Mysore

Mysore or Mysuru was the capital of the erstwhile Princely state of Mysore. Now, Mysore is the third-largest city in the state of Karnataka, India. It also hosts the nada habba – the Mysore Dasara – which attracts millions of tourists every year to the state.
Krishna Raja Wodiyar circle, Mysore. Image source

Origin of the name Mysore

The name Mysuru is the anglicised version of Mahishuru, meaning the abode of Mahisha in Kannada. Mahisha stands for Mahishasura, who according to Hindu mythology ruled the area. Mysore or Mahishur, as it was called in olden times, traces its history back to a mythical past, when Goddess Chamundeshwari, whose temple is situated atop the Chamundi Hills near present-day Mysore, killed Mahishasura, the buffalo-headed asura (demon).